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Welcome to The Patpourri. We’ve come a long way from introducing a unique washable silk line used as clothing blanks, then offering embellishment products under our parent name Heartway International.  Our company began in 1999 in a tiny city called Mililani, Hawaii USA.

From way out in the Pacific Ocean to the “Mainland” United States, as Heartway International we crossed the country introducing all our products and ideas. We have adventured up and down the west coast to California, Washington, and Oregon. Then reaching Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado.  Going further East, we traveled as far as Missouri, Ohio and Michigan, Texas, Virginia, Iowa, Tennesee, Florida, and Massachusettes. Whew! Our goal someday is to visit every state sharing our products with you.

The Patpourri was named after thinking about my life and the many cultures of Hawaii that have influenced my personality. Of course the “Pat” was a play on words by changing the “O” to “A” in potpourri. I enjoy and admire beautiful and unique embellishments, so why not add more and more fun stuff to my “little traveling store”? So, I added my collection of fabrics which turned out to be the best thing for the store.  Selliong fabric is so much fun.  It makes many of us feel happy, enjoying the colors, design and feel. Yes, FEEL. 

I also like to give my thanks and unconditional love to my dear cousin, Thelma Lai-Chang, of TLC Quilting for being with me all the way. Others that have stuck with me through thick and thin are Mary Anne Peters, the owner and creator of PQF Thimbles,  Charlotte Yee and Irene Kawaguchi. Also, a big thank you to those of you who have helped me get started - Chris P of, Mimi H., Wendy H., Diana L., Jackie J., Willow B., thank you all of you for the beautiful samples and support.

Special thank yous to my husband, Steven, daughter Nicole and son Jarren who have held up the fort at home when I was on my trips and not to forget, Mom Bertha, Mom and Pa Chun, and Auntie Janet too. Love and Kisses.

Mahalo and Aloha,

Patti Chong-Chun

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